How I Can Help With Over-functioning

Women can have a tough time of it in American Culture when it comes to feeling self-empowered. We are nearly universally validated for so-called selfless service to others. Don’t get me wrong… Service to others is a great thing, and how relational we are is one of the loveliest qualities women possess. But when this helping becomes the primary way in which we gain a sense of happiness or life-satisfaction, we can end up feeling overly burdened and not loved for who we really are. Finding our self-worth through over-functioning within our families and friendships can end us up in a place of discouragement and resentment.

I get it.

If this is where you are at I can help:

  • you learn to love yourself.
  • share ways in which you can learn to truly feel validated without over-functioning in your relationships.
  • move toward identifying the ways you’ve unintentionally helped in training those you love to depend on this over doing it you are so prone to!
  • learn ways to engage in a healthy kind of self-entitlement (which is not the same thing as selfishness!
  • live a life of greater contentment and joy in which giving to others does not result in an endless array of everyone-else-before-me activities (aka, burnout).

You are worth the time and effort, and you deserve it! Please don’t put off your own happiness and contentment for even one more day. I hope to hear from you. Please call me at (503) 754-3354 to schedule a complimentary 20-minute consultation, or schedule an appointment below.

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